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Believe. Lead. Inspire. Grow.

Grow with us.

Join a team of ambitious leaders paving the way in the fresh food industry. Grow with us as you own your own successful Chopped Leaf franchise with the support you need every step of the way. We offer comprehensive training, support from each department, and a brand that has a proven track record for expansion across Canada, including an aggressive growth plan for 30+ locations in the coming year.

Like you, we believe freshness and flavour go hand-in-hand, and nutritious meal options play a vital role in maintaining a balanced life.

Like you, we are leaders in the fresh food industry and encourage better-for-you choices.

Like you, we want to inspire the community to cherish fresh and delicious food.

Join us. And let’s grow together and celebrate a brand dedicated to feeling good after we eat.


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Born on the shores of Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, BC, The Chopped Leaf is expanding its reach across Canada and the U.S. with one goal in mind: to make you feel good after you eat. We want to welcome you as you explore the possibilities of working with us as a Franchisee.

Qualities to be successful:

A can-do attitude

You are ambitious and driven

Great interpersonal skills

You enjoy interacting with your team and customers

An entrepreneurial mindset

You’re a problem solver and self-motivated

Financial commitment

The finance of the purchase is something you’re willing to take on, which gives you the right to use the Chopped Leaf brand, the build and setup of your location, our comprehensive training program, and more

Franchisee Requirements

Here's a preliminary checklist to get an idea of what you'll need:

  • Minimum $150,000 unencumbered cash
  • Willing to be involved in full-time operations
  • Great interpersonal skills and an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Financial commitment
  • Financial Information

Financial Information

  • Franchise Fee – $30,000
  • Royalty Fee – 6% of gross sales
  • National Cooperative Advertising Fee – 4% of gross sales

How do I get started?

1. Application and Interview

The first step is submitting a preliminary application form after you have viewed our online presentation. Once we complete an initial screening, we will invite you to an in-person interview and do our follow-up due diligence.

2. Review Franchise Disclosure Document

As part of our pre-sale due diligence, please read the non-binding legal disclosure document.

3. Prepare Business Plan & Secure Funding

Next, we’ll assist in creating your business plan.

If required, we’ll connect you with our local contact from a chartered bank to assist in the pre-approval process for the Canadian Small Business and Financing Loan.

4. Meet with Operations & Marketing

Get to know our Operations & Marketing team leaders via Zoom meeting.

5. Incorporate Company

We ask that you provide us with Articles of Incorporation.

6. Sign Franchise Agreement

Provide your lawyer with the Franchise Agreement and sign the documents within the permitted time frame (7 days).
Fees are collected at the same time you submit the Franchise Agreement.

7. Location and Preparation

Site selection & lease negotiation process with our team begins!

8. Design & Permit Approvals

Building permits for architectural, mechanical, and electrical drawings are submitted to the city.

9. Construction Begins

Our Construction & Design Department will project manage the build out of your store.

10. Franchisee Training

Training begins! For 2-3 weeks, you’ll train alongside a current franchisee & Operations team member.

11. New Store On-Site Support

Our Operations team will assist you in preparation for your opening day and remain on-site for ongoing support.

12. Grand Opening

Are you ready to grow with us? Contact Us


If you’re looking at starting a Chopped Leaf franchise, here’s a preliminary checklist to get an idea of what you’ll need:

  • Minimum $150,000 unencumbered cash
  • Willing to be involved in full-time operations


Ready to grow with us? Here’s what you’ll need to provide us:

  • Your contact information
  • Updated resume
  • Current financial details, including:
    • Assets (savings, value of cars/home, investments, equity in other businesses, etc.)
    • Liabilities (mortgage, car/personal loans, credit cards, overdraft, taxes, etc.)
  • Expected source of funds for the franchise/ how you propose to fund your Chopped Leaf purchase

Meet the teams

If you are looking to grow and watch your business thrive, the support offered by Chopped Leaf is ready to offer you independence with guidance; an ideal formula for success.

Franchise Development

Be involved in the build and infrastructure of your restaurant. Our design and construction professionals will walk you through each construction process and review all quality standards and design with you for peace of mind.


Our training team will be on site for your store opening and will be there to support you as you grow your restaurant. Our training program will provide you with knowledge and hands-on experience to operate your restaurant and lead your team.


Our Marketing team’s initiatives drive the image of The Chopped Leaf as a leader in the fresh food space. The goals of their campaigns and innovative concepts are to increase brand awareness and drive sales. We will assist you in providing you with ideas and help you execute some local store marketing initiatives.


Anytime, anywhere. IT has you covered. 24/7 IT support ensures you and your business receive any help you may need to ensure your business runs smoothly.


Always feel supported. Our Operations team has a support line to answer any inquires, will conduct regular store visits to provide assistance, and work with suppliers to reduce your costs. You will speak with operations daily for the first little while once you are open.

Frequently Asked Questions

What provinces/territory or state are franchise opportunities available in?

Across the country from coast to coast. The Chopped Leaf is looking to expand in cities across Canada and the United States.

Do I need previous restaurant experience to be successful?

While experience could be helpful, your drive for success and a willingness to learn is number one.

Am I responsible for finding the best location for my store?

No, you’re not alone in finding your own location! Our Development team will assist finding the best location for your restaurant, negotiate the lease, licensing, and help manage through municipal regulations.

I’ve never made a bowl, salad or wrap. Or managed a restaurant. Can I be successful at owning a Chopped Leaf franchise?

Yes – our comprehensive training program will offer you all of the tools you will need to own and operate a successful restaurant, including food preparation, how to navigate the kitchen, how to hire and manage staff and provide excellent customer service.

Do I have to source my own supplies?

No – our team will take care of this. All of the products and ingredients needed to build and operate your new restaurant will be shipped to the new location directly.

Marketing is not my forte. Am I responsible for marketing to reach my community?

The Chopped Leaf has a designated Marketing team that delivers nation-wide and local-store marketing programs to build brand awareness and drive customer traffic to our restaurants. From digital advertising to radio, our objective is to build customer loyalty, drive purchases and continue to build the awareness of our brand.

Once my store is opened, does the support end?

No – the support never ends. Our Operations and Marketing teams are available from opening day onward to help to ensure quality, restaurant operations and standards of service continue to excel.

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